Welcome To The Raichura Organic Mango Farm

 Established in 1995, we, at Raichura Farm,produce a variety of mangos in more than 24,000 section of land of farm with 800 farmers. Our main aim is on premium quality and flavor, so we search out and develop those varieties that taste best, and harvest them at their peak. The greater part of our produce is developed naturally, in a way that advances the wellbeing of the ranch’s environment.

We, at Raichura Farm , entirely take after the natural cultivating technique by utilizing bio-fertilizers. We likewise give trickle watering system to the plants subsequent to the starting utilizing most recent drip irrigation technology..

All our natural items are produced and bundled by a group of expert specialists who dissect the business patterns and client’s requirements; after which they build up our items. This guarantees that our natural items are inventive, health-friendly, and eco-friendly. These items are conveyed all around, with the help of our wide conveyance system. This has empowered us in securing a wide base of clients

Organic Farming System

Our primary goal was not to sell Kesar mangoes as we emphasized more in systematic plantation as well as cultivation with all the latest and eco-friendly technology. Thus many of us thought we would follow natural and organic means of developing kesar mango trees. We utilize highest natural and organic solutions including earthworms cumpost fertilizers, natural and organic neem cake, castor cake and many of us additionally utilize natural and organic sea food fertilizer. The usual exprerience is that for the first to second year while the soil is steel ganing the build up on plant food nutrients with oraganic fertilizer, compost in combination of microbial activities, which have immediate effect on plant growth and nutrition. All of us constantly utilize natural and organic fertilizers and beneficial minuscule organisans as a consequence of which utilization of natural and organic fertilizer raise garden soil nutrients every year since the woods additionally expands even larger and raise his or her efficiency. All of us entirely follow the actual natural and organic way of farming, whereby your generated mangoes hold on to their quality, preference, quality and does not comprise any substances. The actual incredible flavoring your mangoes will be managed in all of the their richness until finally the purpose involving usage.Our mango farm is known for its excellence and massive organic mango production system.

Now We, ‘Raichura Farm‘, are engaged in Processing and Supplying a fresh range of Mangoes. Our Kesar Mangoes are marketed to the clients across the Indian Subcontinent. Our product range is reckoned for quality attributes such as freshness, rich nutrients and fiber content. The Kesar mangoes offered by us have sumptuous tropical flavor that make eating a delightful sensory experience